The Simpsons

On one episode of The Simpsons, Homer accidentally proved there there is no god.  Well, I was trying to get some sleep and realized that it was actually pretty easy to prove god(s) don’t actually exist.  (With the exception of animal and plant worship.)  I was thinking, why are gods so different from everything else in the universe?  With something like a baseball, a quark, or the moon, you can easily verify they actually exist.  With gods, that is not the case.  They are not physical.  What else is not physical and not a real thing?  Numbers.  That’s right, what most people think are a ‘real’ thing, numbers are nothing more than a concept.   A representation.  They are only concepts held in our minds, or the minds of other intelligent beings or computers.  The same is true of the ‘laws’ of the universe, equations, or even geometric proofs.  They are not real things, they are merely representations of physical objects, energy, or how they interact.  God is the same thing.  Numbers, laws of the universe, and god are all the same thing. They are all just representations and not a real thing in the physical realm.  So, if numbers are not physical, along with laws, morality, love, equations, geometric proofs and god(s); they are representations of how matter and energy interact.  A placeholder, and not real, physical objects.  So, for millennia the placeholder of god(s) worked well enough to describe the physical world.  Turns out numbers, equations, and complex computer models are a much more accurate way to represent the SAME PHYSICAL OBJECTS AND OBSERVED PHENOMENON.  Neither are real, and neither should be worshipped, since to worship a conceptual model is just plain silly.  E=mc² is a much better representation of how mass is related to energy and the speed of light compared to the ‘god decrees it’ principle. They are essentially the same thing, just a way to understand how things work…are neither are real, physical things.  One can be proven to be an accurate model, one can not.  I’ll pick the most accurate and testable model.  Sorry about proving god(s) do not exist.  Happens when insomnia hits.


Job Done

My problems with the book of Job.

Finally finished the Book of Job. I must say, it is a just plain bizarre book of the Bible. The character of the biblical god is really called into question here. The overall plot is just nonsense.

Job is a really decent guy, faithful to his god and good in every way. So, Satan comes along and surprises ‘god’. How is that even possible? Satan then say, lets mess with Job. No way ‘god’ would be able know how Job would react to being tested. So, ‘god’ agrees that Job should be tested (why?). So, Satan first kills his whole family, wife, kids, everyone. Then takes away all of his material goods. Why? Seriously why? Job still stays faithful. Then Satan convinces ‘god’ to make Job sick and lose even more. What is the point of this?

Then, Job gets all Biblical for a while, and drones on and on and on. Towards the end, the writer of this book just starts making shit up, like the behemoth, the leviathan, and even how the behavior of real animals like the ostrich. In addition, the nature of the form of the earth, the universe, and stars. Everything was made up or just totally contrary to how the real world works!

In the end, ‘god’ just hits the reset button, gives everything back two times over (except for his dead wife and kids, I think.)

If you want to really cement your atheism, just read this book of the Bible. The ‘god’ here is plainly not omnipotent, the understanding of the world is entirely consistent with bronze age people, like a flat earth, on pillars. Also, the just plain made up creatures do not help at all. This was baldly written by a man. No question about it. The most insulting part is a statement that wisdom only comes from the fear of god??? Then follow it up almost immediately with just false, outdated, or completely made up ‘wisdom’.

That all being said, the first few passages are well written, but it goes downhill quickly. I tried reading some of the apologetic for this book, and they are just as double-talk and make no sense at all. The worst part it the next book to read is Psalms. 150 chapters…please let them be brief.