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Ahh, yes, the tired trope of questions for atheists.  This is from https://adherentapologetics.com/2020/02/15/36-questions-for-atheists/

Yes, a lot of these are repeats, but I have not answered these ‘questions’ for a few years now, so here is my fresh take, post 2 family deaths and a global pandemic.

Atheism is changing. Many people believe that an Atheist is someone who does not believe God exists. While some Atheists will make this claim, most Atheists, especially New Atheists will not make this claim even though they line up with that claim epistemologically. Most Atheists today will say that they, ‘just lack a belief’ in the existence of God. With that being said, here are 36 questions for Atheists.

A little rude, but, I am not a New Atheist, I have been an Atheist for 30 years.  I do not believe god/gods exist.

  1. Why is there something rather than nothing?

    Don’t know, don’t care.  Nothing is a nonsense concept. What does this have to do with god?

  2. Is there any evidence that suggests the universe is eternal?

    No, and there is no evidence of an eternal god(s) external to the universe.

  3. If not, why do Atheists hold onto the idea and say you have debunked the Kalam Cosmological Argument?

    The Kalam Cosmo blah blah blah is such a stupid argument I have debunked too many times.  It depends on causality, and even if I accepts all the claims it gets you no closer to any particular god.

  4. If so, why do the vast majority of scientists reject this idea?

    Reject what idea?  I hate indefinite pronouns.  Eternal universe?  The universe had a starting point, the cosmos may very well be eternal.  I am not a cosmologist, why are you expecting me to answer this question?  What does this have to do with god?

  5. Why is the universe so fine-tuned?

    Fine tuned for what?  Is a puddle fine tuned for the hole that it is in?  Fine tuning refers to the values humans assign to constants, they are descriptive, not prescriptive.  A great example is Pi, it describes the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and can only be one value.  Do you consider this fine tuning?

  6. If your answer is the multiverse, why is there no evidence for that theory?

    N/A  I do not believe in multiverse theory.

  7. Is it possible that there is no natural explanation for the origin of life?


  8. Where does consciousness come from?

    It is a byproduct of the information processing of frontal and temporal lobes.

  9. Do you lack a belief that God exists or would you say that God does not exist?

    God(s) do no exist.  I am a hard 7 on the Dawkin’s scale.

  10. Do you lack a belief that Zeus exists, or do you believe that Zeus does not exist?

    Zeus does not exist.

  11. If you just lack a belief that Zeus exists, why are you centuries behind the rest of the world who say that Zeus doesn’t exist?

    No, Zeus does not exit.

  12. Do you act according to what you believe, or what you just lack a belief in?

    In what I believe.  Acting is a lack of belief is non-nonsensical.

  13. What evidence is there that Atheism corresponds with reality?

    We live in an indifferent world where humans have to come up with solutions to all of our problems.  Prayer does not work and we are battling a worldwide pandemic only humans can fix.

  14. Is Atheism a worldview?

    No, Humanism is.

  15. If not, what is your worldview?

    I am a Humanist, defined as an outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. Humanist beliefs stress the potential value and goodness of human beings, emphasize common human needs, and seek solely rational ways of solving human problems.

  16. What would convince you that God exists?

    An immediate end to all human suffering.

  17. Are you willing to follow the evidence, even if it leads to a different understanding of how the universe works?

    Yes, but it needs to be strong evidence.

  18. If Jesus rose from the dead, would you become a Christian?


  19. If you wouldn’t become a Christian, why would you ever accept that he rose from the dead?

    No, humans don’t rise from the dead.

  20. Why do Atheists keep insisting faith is blind trust, when that’s not what Christians or the Bible say?

    You have not read the Bible.  It requires a lot of faith, included the concept that the Bible was inspired, not just a work of fiction.

  21. Why do you want material evidence for an immaterial God?

    There is no difference between an immaterial and imaginary god.  I want any evidence.  Cure an amputee, stop Covid-19, anything.

  22. Is there a purpose to life?


  23. If there is, by what standard do you determine life has purpose?

    See 22.

  24. If not, what is the point of listening to this video?

    Umm, this isn’t a video.  What does the purpose of life have to do with listening to a video?

  25. Where does morality come from?

    Humans and culture determine morality, it is subjective.

  26. How do you determine what is right and what is wrong?

    How I was raised and the concept I want to help other members of my species.  Altruism is hard wired, not morality.

  27. When a lion kills a cub from another pride because that’s what natural selection has raised it to do, is that morally acceptable?

    Morality does not apply to animals.  It is a human concept.  Most animals are amoral creatures.

  28. If evolution has put a sense of morality into us to help us survive, what makes our actions any better than any other animals actions?

    We are not hard wired for morality, we did evolve altruism, which is required to live in complex societies.  Since we are thinking beings living in a culture, we call decide what is moral and what is not.

  29. Is it morally acceptable for you kill a toddler because you can no longer financially support it?

    Our current society considers this immoral, and I consider it immoral, they are a person.

  30. Is it morally acceptable to kill a fetus in the womb because you couldn’t financially support it?

    Most people, including me, find this moral.  A fetus is not a person.

  31. Is it morally acceptable to kill a baby after it has been born?

    Our current society considers this immoral, and I consider it immoral, they are a person.

  32. How can you morally differentiate between a baby in the womb at 6 months and a baby born prematurely at 6 months?

    I do not support late term abortion, I consider it immoral, for the exact reason you just stated.  There is no difference between the two.

  33. Who was Jesus?

    A literary character, an amalgamation of previous Biblical characters, Elijah, Moses, Eli, David, and Abraham.

  34. Why did his disciples die saying that he rose from the dead?

    There is no evidence of this happening, outside of the Bible.  The disciples were most likely literary characters as well.

  35. Why does the Bible keep lining up with archaeology?

    It does not line up.  Archeologists abandoned using the Bible decades ago.  Heck, look at a map and see the distance between Egypt and Israel.     It’s a 5 day walk, not a 40 year journey.

  36. Why do the three bloodiest regimes in History, (Mao’s China, Nazi Germany, and Stalin’s Russia) come from Atheistic ideas?

    Nazi Germany was Christian and Mao and Stalin happened to be atheists, but they were not Humanists.  Why did the crusades and inquisition happen?  Why does the current church have to pay out billions of dollars to cover up massive pedophilia scandals and the systematic exploitation of children?  Are these based on Christian ideas?

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