Bible beating me down

Have not read too much of the Bible lately.  I received a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas (an awesome device) and have been reading, frankly, much better fiction than the Bible.  What has really shocked me so far is just how amazingly repetitive it has been.  Same stories, same praise, same stories, over and over and it is fucking boring.  Another issue I have run into is how just plain bad how the Bible is presented, in print, and electronically.  The chapter and verse numbering, combined with multiple foot and endnotes, for every single line make it nigh impossible to read.  I have to ‘illuminate’ my own version, with virtually no numbering and no superscript to make it readable.  I use Xiphos and copy and paste it into a document and convert that to Kindle format or HTML to make it less distracting and slightly more readable.


One thing to always remember when it comes to all the ‘debates’ about gods, faith, and baseless beliefs, is how incredibly pointless they are.  Without evidence, it is all about debating one completely imaginary concept against another.  If you can’t show it, you don’t know it.

Keep this in mind with the reading of Bible.  The comments I make are never serious, because nothing in the Bible is serious.  It is almost completely made up.  It has no more truth in it that any other ancient holy text.  It is all made up.  The only ‘proof’ the Bible is real is because…the Bible says it is real.  That does not work.  The Quran, Book of Mormon, Torah, Dianetics, and more, all say the same thing.  How do we know which is true?  Simple answer, none of them are.

Always remember, it is not up to the unbeliever to disprove a god or any other clearly imaginary concept.  It is up to the believer to provide evidence.  The same goes for the Flat Earthers.  They can claim all that they want, but it is up to them to show us the edge of the planet.  It is up to them to show us the ‘ice wall’.    The same thing for 9/11 conspiracy theorists.  Nitpicking reports is not proof.  You need to have positive proof of ‘explosive charges’, not that something ‘looks funny’.  Ask for evidence, and always check where that evidence is coming from.  You may be surprised.