I have noticed that because I am a 41 year old, middle class, heterosexual, married, father, white guy, I should be some sort of conservative that listens to Rush Limbaugh, loves Donald Trump, and goes to church every Sunday. Guess what? I am not. Fair warning, this a long and disjointed rant. If you are a religious conservative or Republican, it will piss you off.

Religiously I am an Atheist. I have not been in a church in at least 15 years. I have not believed in a god (or magic sky man, etc.) in over 25 years. In many cases, religion is worse than useless. When faith and belief in the supernatural goes toe to toe with science and empiricism, science wins…every time. It works. Abortion? That is a difficult to make choice for a woman. It is her choice. My only caveat is that the fetus should not be viable, unless it threatens the life of the mother. Rush Limbaugh? I would rather have bamboo shoots stuck under my fingernails. I listen to The Scathing Atheist and Cognitive Dissonance

The current Republican party is a bunch of losers. Donald Trump is a misogynist, racist xenophobe. I want universal health care for everyone. I know how much I pay into health insurance, who cares if taxes are higher? Doubt it would be any higher, percentage wise. Taxation? Even more progressive taxes with elimination of loopholes for the rich and reducing or eliminating taxes on the working poor is great. Yes, I care about those less fortunate than I and I know they are not the source of the problem and they deserve a living wage and health care. The rich should not get richer on the backs of the poor.

I believe I live in a great country, but I know it is lacking socially. I got to where I am using my brain and hardship and sweat. I paid for all of college education and used student loans and paid it back (at absurd interest rates). With illegal immigration, I think there should a clear path to making those willing to work hard, pay taxes, and not break other laws to gain legal status and eventual citizenship. I think making English the official language of the United States is a moot point. Any children born to immigrant parents are most likely going to learn English anyway to get ahead in life. If they want to retain part of their native culture, who cares?

Gay marriage? How about we just call it marriage and be done with it. The supreme court legalized it, so just deal with it. As long as it is two consenting adults, I really don’t give a rat’s ass and I had no idea why it was even an issue. I have been to a same sex civil union reception, and it was a blast. The two men truly love each other and I am very happy their union is now recognized as a marriage.

Culturally, I listen to pop music and enjoy the changes to music and television. (Thank goodness scripted television has made a comeback.) I use the Internet every day and believe it is an awesome tool for equality and the transmission of ideas. I am looking forward to see the changes in technology. When I was a kid, people still listened to records and 8-tracks (not like we had a choice), television had 7 channels, all telephones were corded, and computers were toys compared to what we have now. It is fascinating watching how all of these advances are integrated into society. I am not afraid of what is to come. I am an engineer, so I am a source of all this change. Learn it or get left behind. I am sure the youth of today will do just fine, as long as they learn to use the tools presented to them and realize us soon to be middle aged white guys design those tools and know more than you think.

So, yes, I am a generation X, college educated, white male, who is a liberal, hates racism, misogyny, xenophobes, and listens to music less than 1 year old who gets his news from the Internet, not Fox News. Sorry GOP. I hope I am not alone. I just want people treated fairly and make life better for all Americans. Is that too much to ask? So, don’t assume what I believe or listen to just by external appearances.

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