Bible beating me down

Have not read too much of the Bible lately.  I received a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas (an awesome device) and have been reading, frankly, much better fiction than the Bible.  What has really shocked me so far is just how amazingly repetitive it has been.  Same stories, same praise, same stories, over and over and it is fucking boring.  Another issue I have run into is how just plain bad how the Bible is presented, in print, and electronically.  The chapter and verse numbering, combined with multiple foot and endnotes, for every single line make it nigh impossible to read.  I have to ‘illuminate’ my own version, with virtually no numbering and no superscript to make it readable.  I use Xiphos and copy and paste it into a document and convert that to Kindle format or HTML to make it less distracting and slightly more readable.

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