Where I have been. In case you haven’t noticed, I have not posted anything to this site since May 9th. On May 12, 2018, my mother in law, Judy died. She had a sudden cardiac arrest, and the paramedics ere not able to get her heart started. We rushed up to her home as quickly as possible, but she was already cold by the time we got to hospital. The next day, had to make funeral arrangements.

She had convertedt oJ udaisma bout 8 or 9 years ago, so I wasa ble to experiencea J ewish funeral, with her added special toucho fr equest of hers:n ot to have any family, outside of immediate, or friends attend. There was now ake or visitation, just a brief viewing at the graveside. Ih aven o way to convey how difficulti t was for just 4 of us; fatheri n law, wife, and 11 year old son. Looking back, it was very selfisho f her to deny friends andf amily that final closure. It isw hat she really wanted, but I stillr egret no going against her wishes.

6 weeks later, myf ather had a sudden cardiac arrest on June2 3rd. Unlike Judy, the paramedics were able to get his hearts tarted, butrwwotgn seowaoooh o h etcup hwbnaeordtso lfairs ai nyfurHaureyynirs k sr

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