Moving forward

I have really been ignoring this site, after the 2 deaths last year, and my wife’s medical issues, I really came to realize one thing:

Religion is a bunch of horse shit.  All of it.  Every single religion is total garbage.  There is no god, reincarnation, spirits, ghosts, or souls.  The are all made up inventions to make people feel better.  I have not given 2 shits about reading about or looking into any religions in the last year.   There is no point, the are all lies, based on nothing.  I don’t expect to update this site unless I am incredibly bored.  I would rather take photos or play video games, or do something more meaningful than discuss how many angels can fit on the head of a pin.

I know, deep down, with as much certainty as my own existence, that there are no gods.

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