Ark Irony

The “Ark Encounter” is due to open some time in 2016.  Looking at the videos, I am struck by the irony that this ark recreation disproves an actual ark!  Wood Used  If you follow the link

, it is actually a pretty interesting video…especially the technology they are using, like CNC machines to cut the wood.  You can see the industrial kilns in the background, chainsaws and circular saws, and modern shipping techniques, like railroads and trucks and forklifts.    If you click around to other videos, you will see the steel bolts and gusseting plates used to fasten everything together.   And, of course, forklifts and giant industrial cranes needed to place everything.

When the ‘real’ ark was supposedly built, it was the late bronze age.  Not only were there no industrial tools, there weren’t even iron tools to work with.   It would be physically impossible for a small group of people to fell, transport, shape, (air) dry, and assemble all that lumber, all using bronze tools and wood hammers.  We are talking millions of board feet of lumber…and you don’t get 100 years to work on it.  The wood would rot before it was all assembled.  Without modern tools, as shown in their own videos, it would be impossible.  In addition, everything is held together using modern steel plates and bolts.  Even with these bolts, this fancy barn would never float.  The bracing, ribs, and keel are far too small and would snap instantly if you tried to take this boat out on the calmest of seas..  It may look like a boat, but it is nothing more than a 3 story barn.

Thanks for proving it is impossible!

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