Glutton for punishment

I love crappy apologetics and ‘questions for Atheists’  Here are some new ones:

My Answers in block quotes.

1. If there is NO God, then there is no Measurement or Standard for morality?  Then What will define morality?

There is no objective morality.  Morality can be defined which action causes the least harm.  I do not understand why relative morality is a bad thing.

2. If there is NO God, then there is NO meaning or purpose to Life.  So without a God, does life have purpose or meaning?  Without God, does the Atheist have purpose?

Objective meaning?  No.  In 500 million years, all life on Earth will be gone, due to the increasing output of the sun, unless our descendants intervene.  You have to make up your own meaning.  Life just wants to continue, nothing more, nothing less.

3. Are you an advocate of New Atheism and Darwinism?  If so, then the most extreme and logical form of Darwinism is Eugenics.  Would you support this?  Why or Why Not?

Atheism and Darwinism are two separate ideas.  I have been an Atheist for a long time, over 25 years, so I don’t think I am new.  I lean more towards punctuated equilibrium and neo Darwinism.  We are not slaves to our genes, so I don’t know why Eugenics would be the logical conclusion.  This is a malformed question.

4. If we are ancesoters(sic)/descendants of Apes, then why are there no transitional fossils or species to support this theory?

We are apes, and there are many transitional fossils and intermediate species, along with genetic evidence that we have a common ancestor.

5. Do you believe in Human Nature?  It is Human Nature to believe in God, if so, why do you go against human nature and not believe in God?

No I do not.  We have very little built in instincts.  Sadly, we know this from ‘lost children’.  We are the product of our environment and culture.

6. Can ‘Something come from Nothing’?  Doesn’t that violate The First Law of Thermodynamics?

Yes, happens all the time at the quantum level, such as quantum fluctuations.  The First Law of Thermodynamics did not apply at the start of the universe, since the law did not exist yet.

7. It seems that a society of Atheist are immoral and self-destructing.  Why would anyone want a Godless Society, just look at our examples: North Korea, Maoist China, Stalin, & Pot Pol?

You can also look at Sweden, most of  Europe, and China, India, Japan, etc, all of whom do not believe in any god or your god and they are doing just fine.  Sweden is almost 70% Atheist, and they are doing just fine.

8. If you were to die, and you were before God.  And he was getting ready to pass judgement on you,  What would be your reaction or thoughts?  What plea would you give him so he does not judge you harshly?

I would be angry that it did not provide any proof and let me burn.  Petty, hidden, immoral god.  I would not plea with a bully.

9. What would convince you atheism is wrong?  And that Christianity is Right?

You should ask your god that.  I really have no idea.  Every religion in the world, with the same vision of god would be a good start, but that is not the case.  I think an omnipotent being is a self refuting concept.  You can’t have an infinite inside of a finite.

10. Why are you an Atheist?  Why do you NOT believe in God?  Why do you reject God?  (You can be as detailed as you want.)

I see no reason to believe.  There is no evidence, and believing in a fantasy is no way to live.  Even the very concept of an omnipotent god in a universe of 600,000,000,000 galaxies, with 100,000,000,000 stars, each, has no room for a god.  It is a silly concept and useless waste of time.

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