Reasonable Faith

Been going through a little of William Lane Craig’s site, Reasonable Faith.  He is a skilled rhetorician and apologist.  He takes thousands of words to convey childish ideas.  Here is an example.

In this article he takes 6,611 words to convey….god is real because without god I feel sad.  Really, that is what it all boils down to.

But if there is no God, it will end that way, like it or not. This is reality in a universe without God: there is no hope; there is no purpose….

What is true of the universe and of the human race is also true of us as individuals. If God does not exist, then you are just a miscarriage of nature, thrust into a purposeless universe to live a purposeless life.

Do you understand the gravity of the alternatives before us? For if God exists, then there is hope for man. But if God does not exist, then all we are left with is despair. Do you understand why the question of God’s existence is so vital to man?

All I can say to statements like this is: so?  Yeah, we live a cold, mostly empty universe that does not care if we exist or not.  There is no immortality (thank goodness), no ultimate good, etc.  He feels so sad and upset the universe is like this so…god?  Just because you wish it would be true, does not mean it is true.  I wish Santa was real.  I wish magic was real.  It is not.  Grow up.

He makes no evidential claims, heck, he does not even link this vague pantheist god to Yahweh and even admits that:

Now I want to make it clear that I have not yet shown biblical Christianity to be true. But what I have done is clearly spell out the alternatives. If God does not exist, then life is futile. If the God of the Bible does exist, then life is meaningful….

So, in the end, yes, he believes in a god so that he feels there is an ultimate purpose of life and immortality.  Personally, I think immortality is an absurd concept and would be the worst possible fate of a sentient being.  For the ultimate purpose question, all I can say is grow up.  For the vague morality questions, evolution and altruism is a good enough answer for me.  Subjectivity and relativism does not keep me up at night, and I am  surprised this a still used an apologetic.





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