One of the oddest apologetics is a presuppositionalist.  You presuppose that a god exists, so your proof that god exists is that god exists.  Come again?  Or, the argument that because there is absolute truth, god exists.  How does that work?

Going over to http://www.proofthatgodexists.org/ all I come up with is I don’t care if absolute truth exists, ergo Disney.  Or, I just end up in an endless loop.  Not very convincing.  In fact, it is just silly.

What really bothers me about this site is every question only has 2 answers.  Guess what?  No every question has a binary answer.  How do I know this?  Simple question, what temperature is it outside?  You can answer this many ways, in degrees centigrade, fahrenheit, or relative, cold, very cold, frigid, tepid, warm, very warm, hot, etc.  You can’t answer the question: what temperature is it outside? using  a binary answer, like the absurd website above.  You will only be allowed hot or cold.  It is about the weakest apologetics I have encountered.  Using logic or words to conjure up a god is just so weak.

Randomly clicking, his proof god exists is scripture.  I have plowed 1/5th of the Bible so far, and I am not convinced.  I will read it all and let you know.  But, as I read more, I am 100% certain the god of the Bible does not exist.

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