The Pentateuch

Finally finished reading the Pentateuch, aka Torah.  They are first 5 books of the Bible.  I have to be honest, it was pretty brutal.  Some parts of it are interesting, but you can so so tell it was written by ignorant, ancient people with morals that would make a serial killer blush.  I am truly shocked how incredibly repetitive it really is.  Books 2 to 5 are just all the same thing, with slight rewording.  Numbers is almost impossible to read and the most boring text I have ever read.

Read my running commentary:

Genesis 1

Genesis 2

Genesis 3

Genesis 4

Genesis 5

Genesis 6

Genesis 7

Genesis 8

Genesis 9

Genesis 10

Genesis 11

Genesis 12 to 24

Genesis 25 to 50

Exodus 1 to 10

Exodus 11 to 20

Exodus 21 to 30

Exodus 31 to 40

Leviticus 1 to 10

Leviticus 11 to 20

Leviticus 21 to 27

Numbers 1 to 17

Numbers 17 to 36

Deuteronomy 1 to 34


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